KENA Festival Invitation

Our friends at the King East Neighbourhood Association have invited everyone to their winter festival on February 26. 

Here is their message and poster:

Hello from King East Neighbourhood Association (KENA)!

We are pleased to be hosting KENA's 2nd Annual Winter Carnival on Sunday, February 26th from 4pm-7pm.

We really hope you will be able to join us!

This feel-good event is FREE, all-ages, organized by neighbours, and centers around a community potluck so feel free to bring your favourite dish to share.

Our goal with this grassroots event is to nurture a sense of belonging among downtown Kitchener residents and continue to extend our neighbourhood-network.

Let's celebrate the Canadian cold together on the 26th!

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152 Shanley Update, February 2017

In 2012 the City of Kitchener claimed it would put this property up for a tax sale. That did not happen.

Again in 2016 the City of Kitchener was on the record (and in The Record) claiming it would be up for sale. That did not happen either.

In late 2016 the city added an information page that discusses their intention to put it up for a tax sale in January. It is now February and there is no sale yet. 

We contacted the city about this issue and they replied that there has been interest and they are delaying the sale until some time in February in order to give the interested parties more time for "due diligence". 

The city's reply is that it has "been contacted by a few parties interested in the site and they have been doing their due diligence for which more time would be helpful. The formal advertisement is prescribed by legislation; it runs only 5 weeks and through that process the property is only advertised for sale for 4 of the weeks.  Once we commence the formal advertisement we can’t deviate from it as the process is legislated and we lose any flexibility with respect to time.  The formal advertisement will commence in the next two weeks and will run for 5 weeks."

So we can expect to see the sale announced soon.

The city has done a good job with their information page and the Information Package that is available for everyone to view. However, the city lists all the problems and obligations of the site, including its heritage designation, without mentioning many of the positive details of this growing part of our Mt. Hope - Breithaupt Park neighbourhood. 

For example, the city's web page states "The property may be eligible for brownfield financial incentive program" (sic). Why doesn't it say: "here are some brownfield incentives that we will work with any partner to secure"? 

Why isn't there a description of how the City will help any purchaser through the many steps required -after- the sale for the lengthy process of soil testing, remediation, permits required etc.? And this property also involves provincial standards so where is our provincial representative during this process?

The property has been essentially abandoned for for over 30 years and there is a short opportunity to sell it. It would be nice if the city showed a little more enthusiasm with this venture. We certainly wish everyone luck and hope the additional time for "due diligence" will result in an offer.

(for past information about this property on the Blog, search for "152 Shanley" at the top left of the Blog)

Ted Parkinson


Save the date

Now is an excellent time to enter this into your calendar. Click on the image to make the date larger and more vibrant!

p.s. it will be warmer in June than it is right now......



Come out next Sunday and talk with your neighbours about how you would like to see future development of the Mt. Hope area of our neighbourhood:



Please come out to your 2016 AGM. Meet your neighbours and learn about what is going on it our area. We would love to chat with you.

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Octoberfest on a budget.....

You are invited to: OKTOBERFESTHAUS 

The Kitchener Oktoberfest Lions Club is offering free tickets to residents of the Olde Towne Neighbourhood or the Mt. Hope - Breithaupt Park Neighbourhood. 

The Kitchener Oktoberfest Lions Club, for 18 years, had our Oktoberfest Haus Festhall in the Tent on Frederick Street (outside Crabby Joe's) in Downtown Kitchener. We now have to leave because ION (the new LRT) will be installed on this section of roadway. But we are pleased to announce we have a new Festhall location – we are going to the Kitchener Market – the Upper Level. We believe this location will provide us with a comfortable and attractive venue with a genuine Festhall "feel". We want to make this the Downtown's Festhall, and more importantly, your local and convenient community Festhall. The capacity of our Hall is 475 people. 

As a new Festhall we recognize that we need to establish ourselves in the community's mind. We've decided to invite the six Neighbourhoods around the Festhall as our Guests (free). In this regard, we would like you to join us for "Meet Your Neighbours Night" on Saturday, October 15th , from 7:00pm to 1:00am. (Regular admission is $15). We will have a number of restaurants open to serve you, including "Every Day Gourmet", "Bolero Pizza and Pasta House", and "The Apple Fritter". We have a great band lined up, lots of beer, German Dancers, and of course, an extensive schnapps bar. 

We plan on having a lot of fun, including a polka and chicken dance contest. To reserve free tickets for yourselves, your family and friends, email me directly at boutiliers@bell.net indicating the number of tickets, and that you are with the Olde Towne or Mt. Hope - Breithaupt Park neighbourhood. Tickets are on a first come-first served basis. I will deliver the tickets at the end of September. 

In closing I want you to know that all money made by the Kitchener Oktoberfest Lions Club at the Festhall is donated to the St. Mary's Hospital Foundation, the Grand River Hospital Foundation, Guide Dogs Canada and a number of local Lions charities. We are all unpaid Volunteers. We hope you can join us. 

Thank you, Terry Boutilier, Kitchener-Oktoberfest Lions Club


AGM and Constitutional Changes

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is scheduled for Saturday, October 15th, from 10 am to 12 pm at the Breithaupt Centre

We will have a summary of our activities for the past year and will have a few guest speakers.

We will have coffee, water and some fruit and veggies for you to munch on.

For the kids: virtually unlimited LEGO!

There are SEVERAL positions on our executive that will be open for the coming year. Please consider running for the board and helping out our community.

We will also be voting on our updated constitution. We have added two new "Member at Large" positions. And we have added the provision that we will elect members to the board at the AGM and they can have some time to decide on the specific position they wish to occupy. 

Both these changes are intended to make participating in our Neighbourhood Association easier and more flexible. Not everyone understands all the issues and requirements for "Co-Chair", or "Events Director" etc. so this allows you to get involved and decide later on the specific role. The first page is below and the entire 2016 Draft constitution can be viewed here. The file is called "MHBPNA Constitution draft- 2016.pdf".

For further information please contact us at mhbpna@gmail.com